May 9, 2018

Unlocking the power of ‘Generation T’ to transform the fashion industry

written by Alastair MacGregor
An invitation to our event:

Unlocking the power of ‘Generation T’ to transform the fashion industry

Over the years, millions of young people have changed the way we think, live and consume . From the counter culture in the 60’s to the recent #neveragain movement of gun activists across the US, to the teenagers of the #myclimateaction movement suing for the right to a stable climate.
Now is the time to unleash the power of a new, more socially connected, more environmentally aware generation, to transform the fashion industry.  We call it Generation T.

Heralding a ground-breaking collaboration, representatives from JA Worldwide, a global network of milllions of young entrepreneurs, Mostafiz Uddin, a visionary and pioneer in the Bangladesh textiles industry, and Douwe Jan Joustra, Head of Circular Transformation – C&A Foundation, will share their plans to establish ‘Generation T‘ at the core of brand creation and circular fashion transformation.

Please join us for the launch session hosted by InSpring, Dr Holly Dublin and Peter Ingwersen. 

RSVP to  Places are limited

Time and location:

May 16th at 07:00 AM,

Hotel Skt. Petri, Krystalgade 22, 1172 København K. 

Breakfast will be served.